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Teknion Leverage Station

Teknion Leverage System(400)

SKU: CB24110608
C$713.00 Regular Price
C$499.10Sale Price

Teknion Leverage System

  • Condition: Excellent
  • Dimension: 72x72x51
  • Quantity: 400 In Stock
  • Quad Configuration
  • Each stations comes with a pedestal
  • Price: $713/Each

Leverage® simplifies the process of tailoring your office space, allowing you to specify the desired features for each workspace, meeting diverse needs, all while achieving a clean and polished appearance at a cost-effective price.


• Four distinct panel segmentation styles balance functionality and aesthetics.

• The high-capacity panel lay-in trough option efficiently manages cables.

• Seamless connections between panels, worksurfaces, and mounted storage optimize space utilization and inventory management.

• On-site adjustment of panel height without disrupting the work area.

• Easy alteration of workstation appearance or functionality by changing panel surfaces.

• 120-degree planning expands the range of planning possibilities.

• Power boxes, positioned at 15-inch-height increments, provide convenient access above or below the worksurface.

Lyft universal space division products complement Leverage space division planning by allowing users to customize and strike a balance between features, cost, and aesthetics.

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