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Reburbished Cubicles-

Are you the individual responsible for furnishing a new workspace, be it as a CEO, VP, or Facilities Manager? If so, you're likely familiar with the challenge of juggling conflicting priorities. The task involves ensuring the space not only looks impressive but is also efficiently laid out, durable over time, and cost-effective—meeting the expectations of the CFO to keep costs down.

Fortunately, there's a well-kept secret that strikes a balance between expensive new cubicle systems and worn-out used ones: "Refurbished Cubicles" offered by Ufficio Furniture, a leading modular systems provider in Greater Toronto Area. With over 7 million square feet of office space furnished, Ufficio Furniture specializes in "Better Than New" refurbished cubicle systems.

Opting for refurbished cubicles from Ufficio Furniture provides a blend of advantages. These cubicles start with Teknion components, ensuring a sturdy foundation. Ufficio Furniture meticulously strips them down, replaces or repairs any worn parts, and then cleans, refinishes, and reupholsters them to give a fresh and attractive appearance.

The aesthetic appeal is further enhanced through beautiful refinishing, repainting. This not only looks good but also contributes to a more sustainable environment. The cost factor is also favorable, with refurbished cubicles typically costing less than half of their new counterparts. This cost-effectiveness is made possible by eliminating middlemen and having an in-house team of repairmen, painters, upholsterers, installers, and service technicians.

Ufficio Furniture goes beyond providing furniture; they offer no-cost space planning and design services. Expert designers evaluate the space and your functional requirements to create an efficient layout, maximizing both space and workflow.

For those who prefer new furniture, Ufficio Furniture offers its own line of high-quality, low-cost office furniture

and serves as a dealer for various reputable manufacturers.

Call 647-885-8642 to get your office set up today!

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