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Why choose teknion leverage cubicles?

Teknion Leverage® simplifies office customization by offering various features at a competitive price, allowing you to tailor each workspace to specific needs while maintaining a sleek design. It provides a broad selection of panel options, including four segmentation styles to balance functionality and aesthetics. Options include integrated or elevated baseboards, and high-capacity cable management systems. Panels can be connected in various configurations to maximize space and inventory efficiently. Additionally, the system allows for on-site adjustments to panel heights and surface changes without disrupting the workspace.

Leverage stands out for its precise design details, such as Glass Add-On Screens that ensure seamless glass appearances and smooth corner transitions. It also offers a range of visual modifications with different panel gaskets and trims, enhancing the overall look.

The product line includes segmented and monolithic panel elements. Segmented elements are highly versatile, allowing for on-site modifications and varying styles on each side of the panel to change the appearance and functionality of a space. Monolithic elements offer a streamlined look, perfect for corridor setups.

Leverage also integrates storage and accessories from other Teknion lines, enhancing functionality and aesthetics. For example, the Interpret Lateral Mounted Storage provides a collaborative, standing-height work surface.

Installation and reconfiguration are straightforward with Leverage. It features tool-free panel connections and durable worksurfaces designed for repeated reconfigurations. Additionally, its Power/Communications Element is adaptable for different heights.

Teknion’s broader portfolio, including Height-Adjustable tables and Leverage credenzas, allows for flexible workspace planning. Elevated panels and minimalistic power management maintain an airy and functional environment, particularly when paired with District storage solutions. These elements support efficient use of space and align with sustainable workplace practices.

Leverage’s 120-degree planning option offers a curved workspace that supports ergonomic movement. Low-height workstations provide unobstructed views and contribute to a light, open office environment.

Finally, Teknion’s ZonesTM collection complements Leverage in open-plan setups, creating versatile workstations that cater to both individual and team needs.

visit today or Call jarvis @ 647-885-8642 to get your Teknion leverage cubicles system today!

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