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Returning to the Office: The Resurgence of the Cubicle

Updated: Jul 16

Timothy Mcallister sits comfortably in his cubicle at CIBC in Toronto. As employees transition back from remote work, the need for quiet, private spaces has surged in importance.

The Comeback of Cubicles

Once dismissed as symbols of an impersonal work environment, cubicles are experiencing a revival. Workers are now personalizing their spaces and sharing their setups on social media. Timothy Mcallister's

The Resurgence of the Cubicle
The Resurgence of the Cubicle

cubicle exemplifies this trend, emphasizing the demand for quiet spaces as employees return to the office.

Design Trends and Market Growth

Cubicles, once a staple of the 1980s and ’90s office design, had fallen out of favor, viewed as a symbol of workforce dehumanization. However, the demand for cubicles is climbing, driven by both employers and employees. According to Brian Silverberg of Furniture X-Change in North Brunswick, N.J., the market for cubicles is stronger than ever, with sales in the last three years surpassing the previous five.

The Impact of COVID-19

The pandemic accelerated a shift that had already begun. Janet Pogue McLaurin from Gensler notes that the return to office environments highlighted the need for quiet, private spaces to enhance productivity. Global demand for cubicles and partitions has soared, reaching a $6.3 billion market in 2022, with projections to grow to $8.3 billion in the next five years.

Modern Cubicle Design

Today's cubicles differ significantly from their predecessors. Ergonomic and flexible, they cater to modern needs with features like adjustable walls, lighting, and sound-masking technology. Companies like Steelcase and MillerKnoll have developed innovative designs that offer "sitting privacy" and reduced noise levels.

Hybrid Workspaces and Flexibility

Companies are balancing remote work with in-office mandates, creating hybrid spaces that combine collaborative areas with private workstations. For instance, Grassi, a New York accounting firm, has reconfigured its offices to include both cubicles and open spaces, eliminating desk reservations to encourage office attendance.

Personalization and Home Décor

Employees are bringing personal touches to their workspaces, making them feel more like home. This trend is evident in the personalized cubicles seen on platforms like Pinterest and Instagram. Lucas Mundt of Simple Modern transformed his cubicle into a cozy faux wood cabin, complete with laminate floors and a voice-activated space heater.


As office workers return, the cubicle has made a surprising comeback. Modern cubicles offer a blend of privacy and flexibility, meeting the evolving needs of today's workforce. With increased personalization, these workspaces are becoming more comfortable and conducive to productivity, ensuring that the cubicle remains a relevant fixture in the modern office.

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